Dubai,Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York & San Francisco

US based SPV - Metaverse and Gaming Corp, USA

Engaged in the business of DeFi, Metaverse, Gaming and NFTs.

Currently Inviting Metaverse and Gaming cos to partner with us for quick launch across global markets.

Lead Investor and Promoter

US and India based Venture Investor with interests in web3, metaverse and gaming, space tech, urban mobility and commercial drones across global markets.

Global Metaverse and Web3 Fund

A US based Metaverse & Gaming Fund which will have global Investors comprising VC Funds, Family offices, Blockchain / Web3 funds / HNWIs and will invest in the US based Metaverse and Gaming Corp

Inviting Web3 / Metaverse startups

Seeking collaborative partnership with Web3 / Metaverse - revenue generating early stage business models for accelerated growth, global expansion and investment

Inviting Metaverse / Web3 infra partners

Seeking collaborative partnership with metaverse real estate / infra owners / event planners / avatar creators and brand partners

Inviting Metaverse / Web3 Tech Partners

Seeking collaborative partnership with technology partners offering metaverse / web3 related technologies / infra design / NFTs and avatars more

Launch Plans

Web3 / Metaverse / Gaming projects expected to be launched in Beta around Q2, 2023 

Accelerating metaverse / web 3/ gaming infra development
$ 1M
Investment for launch validated by brand partners
$ 5M
Expansion Capital for brand partnerships & promotion
$ 10M
SPAC IPO Investment with Nasdaq Listing
$ 50M - $100M

Option 1 - Co-Founder Model

Collaborative JV Partnership

Starterbites Ventures – 10%
Tech Venture Funds   – 20%
*Primary Founding Partner – 35%-70% 
*Operating CoFounding Partner – 15%-25%
*Ancillary CoFounding Tech Partner – 10%

Option 2 - Exclusive Model

Accelerated JV Partnership

Starterbites Ventures – 10%
Tech Venture Funds   – 20%
Technology Partner – 70%

Welcome to partner with us for Accelerated Growth and Investment



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