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SPAC / Pre- IPO Deals across Global Markets

We work with companies seeking to go public via a SPAC Business Combination.

We are focused on identifying target companies for SPAC Sponsors / M & A  across global markets covering South East Asia, Far East, Australia, Europe, India, GCC, MENA, Africa, USA and Canada. We partner with reputed US based SPAC Advisors in  executing a SPAC Deal.

We work with IPO focused companies seeking to go public via a SPAC Business Combination.

We work with SPAC Sponsors for identifying target companies and engaging for SPAC deals

Tech focused SPAC TARGETs


VTOL - Vertical Take off and Landing Deals

Clean Energy & Solar

Solar EV Charging & Roof Top Power Projects

Tech Company SaaS Softwares

SaaS Solutions with Global Delivery Models

Healthcare Innovation

Remote Surgery and Diagnostics

Medical Devices

Disruptive Medical equipment and gadgets


EV Automotive & Battery Manufacturing

Space technologies

Space tech firms into commercial launches

Education, Gaming and Sports

Tech enabled Education, Gaming and Sports

ESG Projects

ESG focused Green Business Models

Media & Entertainment

Tech enabled Media & Entertainment

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Harvesting to Tech enabled Delivery

Fintech Industry

Fintech across Banking & Investment Space


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