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Our Advisory covers early stage growth, VC Funding to Pre-IPO /Spac Deals across Global Markets .

Focus – Fast Growing Domains viz Crypto, DeFi, NFT, ev & Urban Mobility, Education, Healthcare, Cloud Kitchen , cannbistech, agtech, SPACEtech , Fashion & Retail, Real Estate, OTT & Entertainment, Sports & Gaming, Philanthrophy, ESG and Solar.


We advise Edtech Startups - Focus Biz Models are Gamified Education , Test Preparation and Skill Development and Entrepreneurial Education.


We advise Healthtech Startups - Focus Biz Models are Telehealth, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Surgery and Wearable Gadgets


We advise Startups in Beauty an Wellness Spaces - Focus Biz Models are On-Demand Beauty Services / products and AI powered Beauty apps

OTT - Streaming

We advise Startups in OTT Video Streaming space - Focus Biz Models are Education, Sports , Entertainment and Games

Urban Mobility

We advise Startups in in URBAN Mobility- Ground, Air & Water mobiliy space - EV powered mobility and Battery Technologies


We advise Startups in Art, Fashion and Retail Space - Focus Biz Online Auction of Art, AR in Fashion and Retail - Customer engagement & Loyalty and Payments

Cloud Kitchen

We advise Foodtech, Cloud / ghost Kitchens for launch, collaboration, technology and Delivery engagement across global markets


We advise Spacetech startups for collaboration partner and Fund advisory engagement across global markets

Film Funding

We advise Film Projects for collaborative partners for production, OTT release and fund advisory across global markets

Virtual Events

We advise Virtual Online Event platforms for accelerated content engagement and fund raising across global markets


We advise Fintech Startups engaged in Wealth Management, Fund Raising & Crowd Funding platforms and Investment Management spaces for Growth and Fund Advisory


We advise Startups engaged in Ecomm and Essentials delivery viz Pickup / Last mile delivery for Hyperlocal Partnerships and fund advisory

Crypto DeFi

We advise Tokenized DeFi Startups engaged in Lending, Borrowing , Staking and Liquidity Pools for Fund Advisory

Crypto NFT

We advise NFT Marketplaces for collaborative partnerships with Galleries, Museums and Large Private Collectors and Digital Artists and Fund Advisory

SaaS Platforms

We advise B2B SaaS based Platforms catering to large addressable markets worldwide towards engaging collaborative partners and Fund advisory.


We advise Travel Startups engaged in connecting, engaging Air Travellers from booking air tickets to boarding aircraft in a contactless mode for fund advisory



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