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Criteria for Accelerator Partnership ( Remote )

Global Startups

Startups with global delivery models which are structured and scalable to address global markets 

Fast growing Industries

we choose to partner in the fast growing domains viz edtech, healthtech, agtech, SaaS, Ecomm, cleantech and more 

Emerging Industries

we choose to partner in the emerging industry domains viz Urban Mobility ( Air, Water and Ground ) , Space Tech, Commercial Drones and more

Biz Traction

Fast growing segments must have Revenue / Valuation. Emerging industry segments must have pre-revenue traction as pipeline orders from large users and certified prototype ready for production. 

Investment Readiness

We shall activate Investment once the company qualifies for Investor ready status

Investment Available

We have investment available – VC Funding  from $500K to $5M and SPAC merger investment from $25M to $500M

Collaborative Partners

we bring in Collaborative Partners to add value , boost valuation and accelerate traction

High Valuation

We boost valuation thru collaborative partnership , effective mergers and building traction.


Most frequent questions and answers

Starterbites Ventures is engaged Investing and promoting fast growing and emerging companies across global markets with investment ranging from $500K to $500 Million.

Starterbites Ventures manages 3 Accelerator Funds i.e Tech Fund, Metavserse Fund and Climate Change Fund. Each will be sized upto $10M for deployment in ticket size ranging from $500K to $5M.

Starterbites Ventures invests from the 3 Accelerator  funds managed by it and further deploys funds mandated by high net worth investors, family offices, VCs and Listed SPAC IPOs.

Starterbites promotes new companies in the domain space and becomes the lead investor and partners worth similar domain companies either by merging / collaborating with them.

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All Accelerator partnerships are timeline ( 6 to 9 months only )  based agreements and if the investment do not happen in the proposed company , the partnership expires and not valid any more unless renewed again.

We evaluate a pitch deck for business model, product market fit, traction, pre-revenue, pipeline orders, market size and space for accelerated growth. 

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