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Global Partnering to Launch AI & Blockchain Startups !

Welcome IEO Launching Crypto Exchanges - Blockchain Solution Providers -
ICO / IEO Advisors - Marketing & Promotion Agencies - Crypto Media To Partner with us.

Top Decentralized Exchanges will be partnered with based on Liquidity, Variety, Fee Structure, Investor Safety and Strength of its active members.

Partners chosen based on domain expertise, blockchain technology offerings, best web /app design solutions and accelerated delivery schedule and more..

Partners chosen based on their global network of Investors including HNIs, Family Offices, Fund Raising engagement experience, Specific Industry Connections and Innovative promotion ideas…

Launch of 25 Disruptive AI & Blockchain Global Statups in 2020

Stage 1 - Startup Projects evaluated

Ideas evaluated based on fast growing domains viz Travel, Transportation, Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Ecommerce, Clean Energy, Healthcare, Wellness,  Movie Distribution and more.

Stage 2 - Technologies evaluated

Domain Specific, Innovative AI & Blockchain Solutions , Smart Contract integration, Payment gateways and Integration of APIs 

Stage 3- Websites / App Launched

User friendly ICO Websites with best UX/UI , Whitepapers prepared and Web/ Mobile Apps designed for best engagement

Listing Exchange Partners evaluated

IEO Launch & Crypto Listing platforms partnered based on Win Win engagement for IEO Launch / Private,
Pre-ICO and Public Sale

Advisory Partners evaluated

Advisors / Consultants / Pools / Syndicates engaged on Win Win engagement for private, Pre-ICO and Public Sale

Marketing Partners evaluated

Innovative promotional ideas including Airdrops / Bounty programs implemented for Private, Pre-ICO and Public Sale

Our Hybrid Launch Models of ICOs + IEOs

and Multi-Exchange Launch & Listing accelerates SUCCESS !


Onboard with us as Partner

Crypto Exchanges /Listing Platforms

Blockchain Technology Solution Firms

Advisors / Promo Agencies / Media

Blockchain Startups looking for ICO Fund-Raise



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