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Starterbites Ventures LLC - Co-Partners, Accelerates and Invests in 'Green Hydrogen Production' accelerating Technology Projects


GH Eletrolyser Project

Middle East

GH Eletrolyser Project


GH Eletrolyser Project

Announcing Giga Eletrolyzer Factories in 2024/25 for Accelerating Green Hydrogen Economy across India, Middle East and Africa.

Starterbites Ventures LLC РIndia and US based company collaborates with a US based Startup which has invented Low Cost Green Hydrogen producing electrolyzer and is all set to launch its 40MW/a production line capable of generating 880 kg H2 /hr of Green Hydrogen.  The projects are named gh2-India, gH2-Middle East and gH2- Africa.

Gh2 Projects are scheduled to go for commercial production of advanced eletrolyzers for the Indian, Middle East and african market in the next 2 years. With the deployment of $5M to $100M over the next 24 months, Gh2 invites Global partners to invest in these projects and reap the Green hydrogen Economic benefits

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