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Starterbites Ventures partners with

Fast Growing and Emerging Tech Startups for Growth Investment

Early Stage to Series Level Investment & SPAC M&As

Leveraging our Investor Networks Across Global Markets

Roadmap for Growth - 2023

US based Emerging Tech Growth funds are scheduled to be launched in Q3/Q4, 2023 and managed by Starterbites Ventures LLC and supported by Global Family Offices, HNWIs and PEs across Global markets.

Focus - 2023

Focus - Fintech, Metaverse, Mobile Gaming & eSports, B2B SaaS, eCommerce, Tele Health, Beauty & Fitness, Fashion & Retail & Travel APPs

Identified as Emerging and Fast Growing areas for Investment and Our Gaming Studio will collaborate with Play2Earn Gaming cos both in Racing and Adventure categories for accelerated growth and investment.

Focus - 2023

Focus - Space Tech, Electric / Hydrogen Powered Urban Air - Ground - Water Mobility, Industrial / Warehouse / Surgical Robots, Clean Tech & Climate Change, Automated / Wireless EV Charging & more

Identified as Emerging and Futuristic Fast Growing areas for Investment and we partner with Prototype / Production Ready and Pipeline Order / Revenue Generating startups

Global Startups Growth YOY 2023 & 2024

Edtech, Fintech, Metaverse, Gaming & NFT
Food & Agtech, Healthtech & BioPharma
EVs, Battery, Urban Mobility & Automotive
Drones, Delivery & Warehouse Automation
Green Hydrogen, Space tech & Clean Tech


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