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Forecast 2022 - 2023

Venture Capital Investment

Covid 19 has accelerated VC Investment across Early stage startups in 2021 and VCs are bullish with portfolio companies in select domains viz Edtech, Healthtech, Fintech, Agtech, Foodtech, Cleantech and other essential sectors and playing vital role in creating many Unicorns . Revenue Generating business models will remain core focus for funding in 2022.

Global Market Challenges

Global Startups raising fund will face market challenges in terms of accelerated traction, revenue, growth using existing business models .But startups can innovate their existing business models and overcome all the challenges. Covid challenges will remain across global markets in 2022 and Technology based companies will achieve growth using online business models.

Global Opportunities

Post-Covis scenario emerging focus areas are Metaverse, Crypto ( DeFi & NFT ) , Blockchain, AI, VR, Quantum Computing, eSports / Games and Climate change focused domains incl Wind, Solar, Urban Mobility (Hydrogen / Electric powered vehicles over land, air and water) Spacetech, Foodtech, Lithium Batteries mfg, Solar powered Charging Stations and more

Starterbites Ventures - Roadmap for Growth - 2022

January 2021 Onwards

Focus - 50+ Global Startup & Investor Webinars

Online Webinars will be organized Region / Country Specific based on Attendee's interest and Country of Origin covering INDIA, SOUTH EAST ASIA, GCC, MENA, AFRICA, EUROPE, USA and CANADA. Events will be addressing New Emerging Startup business models in Fast Growing domains, Investment potential, Market Opportunities and Fund Raising Challenges in the Post Covid World Scenario. For Pre-registration open the 'WEBINAR' page

March 2022 Onwards

Focus - Fundraising & Investing Global Startups

Edtech, Healthtech, Foodtech, Agtech, Fintech & Payments, Cleantech & Solar , Ecomm & Delivery, EV and Battery Mfg, CoLiving & CoWorking, Proptech & CoRetailing, Drones Delivery & Robotic Automation, Urban Mobility, Logistic & Supply Chain, SpaceTech, Quantum Computing, SaaS, Streaming & OTT-Films / Sports / Gaming / Fitness, Cloud Kitchen, Crypto Mining, Payments, Cyber Security and more

June 2022 Onwards

Growth Advisory to Invested Startups & SPAC M&As

Launching fast growing industry focused Tech business models in 2022. Starterbites Ventures will seed / early stage fund the ventures for successful launch across global markets and growth advisory will be provided for Unicorn potential companies. SPAC IPOs will be launched in partnership with TOP US based advisors including providing SPAC M&A services to select Industry projects & Companies

Global Startups Growth YOY 2021 Onwards

Foodtech,Edtech / Healthtech
EV based Urban Mobility, Fintech & Agtech
Delivery, Supply chain & Logistics
Retail, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle


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